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This portal enables consumers to know what products are available from stores near them. It is essentially an electronic version of the familiar 'brochure' or 'catalogue' that is delivered to our homes. And in most cases, the information presented on WiseBuys will be the same as that in the brochure found in the mailbox.

There are many benefits to using WiseBuys when browsing for information on products:

  • WiseBuys is always current. Keeping copies of the physical brochures you receive means having to go through them and throw out brochures that are out of date. This is done automatically by WiseBuys. Even if the corresponding physical brochure was not delivered, with WiseBuys you can see what is on special at your local retailers.
  • WiseBuys has everything in one place. Some retailers have their current brochures on their websites, others don't. However, even if you know which retailers have brochures, and what their website address is, you can still spend a lot of time going from website to website. Only WiseBuys has all of the available brochures in one place.
  • WiseBuys is consistent. Not all retailers have their current brochures on their website. Those that do use a variety of formats: some use PDF; some use low resolution graphics that are difficult to read; others use high resolution graphics that can take ages to load - but you don't know if you want them until you see them. Only WiseBuys presents a selection of brochures from a variety of retailers in a consistent format: previews that load quickly and detailed images that give you all the information you need.
  • WiseBuys promotes physical retailers. Despite the growth of the Internet and e-commerce, many consumers are more comfortable purchasing products from a physical store. This is particularly important for products where it is necessary to see, touch or test the product before purchase. WiseBuys is a tool that assists consumers that want to 'browse online' but then identify the nearest physical store where they can 'buy offline'.
  • WiseBuys is available all the time. There are no issues of the catalogue not being delivered to every letterbox, no issues of rain sodden 'paper maché' catalogues, and no issues of catalogues being delivered after a sale has ended.

To see what specials are available in your area right now, click the "current specials" tab. For general information on products, click "product showcase". If you are an advertiser, click here to read more about WiseBuys.


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